Leadership Development at KwikTip

At KwikTip, we believe that strong self-leadership is essential for driving business success and developing our people. That’s why we have made a commitment to cultivating a culture of self-growth and personal leadership development within our organization, as part of our way to generate a positive social impact.

One way we do this is by encouraging everyone to embrace a concept called Conscious Self-Leadership. This means taking responsibility for one’s actions, exercising extreme ownership, and adopting a “Letting Go vs Blaming and Complaining” mentality. It also involves being curious and open to learning and growth, rather than being focused on being right and needing to prove it.

To further develop these skills, we hold formal leadership development sessions on a quarterly basis. These sessions are led by internal and external trainers and cover a wide range of topics, including communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and team building.

But it’s not just about the training sessions themselves – it’s also about incorporating these concepts into our daily operations and personal lives. We encourage our team to take ownership of their work and to continuously seek out opportunities for learning.

We believe that the benefits of leadership development are numerous, not just for our employees but for the company as a whole. By investing in the development of Conscious Self Leadership within KwikTip, we see increased productivity, a positive work culture, and ultimately, successfully meeting our social impact targets. Our employees will also benefit from the personal and professional growth that comes from taking an active role in their own development.

At KwikTip, we are proud to embrace a culture of leadership development and are committed to helping our employees grow and succeed in their careers.