The KwikTip Story

How Life Works Out

In January of 2023, I did a waste factory clearance job with my dad, we like to get on the road once a week or so, it keeps things real. I recall asking him whether he also occasionally wondered how life took us from living in Southern Africa to building a waste collection business and travelling the lanes and motorways of the UK.  It sometimes feels surreal, especially as two years earlier at the height of covid, I was deployed with other members of my regiment to assist the NHS at a hospital ICU, and I never could have imagined my life now.

An Introduction to Waste Management

My family has worked with service leavers, veterans charities and start-up businesses for a long time now, so back in 2021, when my father started helping my brother-in-law with his fledgling waste management company, and I was exposed to the operational side of things, the seed of an idea was planted, how to build a business that also incorporated our values and commitment to supporting the forces community.

In late 2022, the process of leaving full-time military employment was underway and I started thinking about my career transition and future work.

I had come to realise that the waste business was an excellent way to earn a living and at the same time potentially make a significant social and environmental impact, two things close to my heart. I have been exposed to family business since I was young, but knew there was much to learn, and joining all the dots was complicated. This is where my community, friends and other veterans came to my aid.

Transition From The Army to Waste Collection

In October of 2022, I joined as a member of X-Forces Enterprise and signed up for amazing business workshops and master classes.

The last quarter of that year was a blur of business plans, marketing plans, financial plans, systems implementation, bootstrap funding, start-up loan applications, networking, website development, pleading, and cajoling.

By Christmas 2022, much was in place, trucks, people, and a small pot of money. Kwiktip did its first job in January 2023 and hasn’t looked back.

There have been challenges, opportunities, losses, and wins – that’s business, that’s life, and it’s great! Watch this space…..