Hazardous Waste 1y³ – 14y³

From £64.99 Incl. VAT

Any price quoted includes a call-out fee and labour. No contracts or permits are required.
1yd³ – 14y³ | 1150 kg maximum load weight |Approx. 5  – 70+  bags of waste | 20 – 70 mins of loading time for our team

Please note that some Hazardous Waste Items carry a Surcharge and Haz.. Waste collections need to be Booked in Advance

Authorised facilities that treat Hazardous Waste usually have limited daily capacity so it’s important that collections are planned in advance.

Although many items may carry a surcharge we are able to discount this heavily on bulk collections.

There may be an admin fee for the preparation of Hazardous waste Consignment Notes on small orders but details of this will be laid out in any quote you receive.

Load Limits

1150 KG, 14y³, 70 Minutes

Surcharge Items

TV's & Monitors, Mattresses & Divan Bases

Waste We Can Take By Arrangement

Chemicals and Solvents, Canisters and Cylinders, Oils, Oily Water, Filters and Fuel, Tractor and Truck Tyres