Q: Why The Jungle Backgrounds?

A: To reflect our values and our commitment to creating a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious world.

We can take away bulky waste like sofas, armchairs, beds, mattresses, fridges, appliances, divans, tables, chairs, cupboards, old sheds, green waste and more.

We also take Electrical waste (WEEE) such as lamps, bulbs, microwaves, ovens, cookers, computers, hair dryers, and toasters.

We clear surplus office furniture, pallets and packaging, light construction and kitchen bathroom renovation waste, desks, scrap metal, and certain types of hazardous waste like clinical and liquids by prior agreement.

  • Tree Stumps and really large logs
  • Oils or Fuel
  • Rubber
  • Paint or paint cans (unless empty)
  • Liquid chemicals or solvents
  • Heavy construction and Industrial Waste
  • Sawdust and really heavy compacted materials
  • Gravel, Bulk Soil & Inert Materials
  • Car Batteries
  • Asbestos
  • Food Waste and Meat Products
  • Clinical waste
Service Load Size y³ Weight Limit (KG) Loading  Time (Minutes)
Mini Load 1 80 10
Small Load 2 180 15
Medium Load (1/4) 4 350 25
Large Load (1/2) 7 575 35
Extra Large Load (3/4) 10 850 50
Full Load (Full) 14 1150 70
Sofas & Armchair Removal Load Size y³ Weight Limit (KG) Loading  Time (Minutes)
Armchair Removal 0.5-1 50 10
2 Seater Sofa 1.5 60 15
3 Seater Sofa 3 70 20
4 Seater / Corner 5-7 90 30

We will collect your rubbish from inside, upstairs, and outside – most locations, as long as it is accessible and safe and we can do the job within the time limits allocated.

If you’re not going to be in you may want to move it outside or give us clear instructions and put it somewhere we can access.

We’re committed to safety and care in our waste removal services. However, there are certain conditions where we can’t remove waste, including waste from attics or lofts, even if they’re boarded. Areas with unsafe or damaged steps and staircases. Or locations with parking difficulties, such as needing to cross a a busy road to access the waste

You can make same-day bookings up until 10:00 am (Subject to availability)

You can make next-day bookings up until 18:00 pm (Subject to availability)

Bookings can usually be cancelled unless we are on our way and have incurred costs. Upon cancellation, we will issue a refund, which can take up to 5 working days to appear in your account.

You have the flexibility to update your booking at any time. You’re welcome to contact us via phone or email for any modifications. We strive to accommodate most requests to ensure your convenience.

We do offer all-day arrival, AM, PM and time-sensitive slots.

All day and pre-booking works well with our Carbon Net Zero Strategy and helps us to plan the most economical and environmentally friendly routes, so we don’t charge extra for these and often discount pre-booked slots

There can be some variation on the collection day as sometimes jobs can end up taking a little longer than expected, and we have little control over major traffic issues. Any delays will be communicated to you as and when they arise.

When we are on the way you will receive a call from our driver or a text which will tell you the estimated arrival time.

Typically this will give you at least 30 to 60 minutes’ notice.

You can contact us at any time for an update.

Your waste doesn’t need to be separated according to waste streams before collection, but we do encourage you to do so. It helps us keep costs down and makes the process more efficient.

While bagging isn’t generally necessary, if the waste is spread out over a large area, bagging it can ensure that we remove it all and avoid any extra fees.

Our pricing is based on the amount of waste we remove. If there’s additional waste, we’ll provide a new quote and process any extra payment required, or we can stick to the original amount booked. We’re often able to handle more rubbish on the day, so feel free to add items if needed. And if you’ve paid in advance but we collect less, we’ll adjust the price and credit or refund the difference.

We’re flexible with the amount of rubbish we can clear for you.

As long as you’re okay with the cost, the volume isn’t usually an issue. Feel free to let us know how much waste you want removed, or take your time to decide if there’s more than you initially thought. We’re here to accommodate your needs.

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